Business Lines

Residential Design

We supply contractors and consultants with superb quality turnkey solutions for residential projects. From finely crafted interiors including wardrobe and closet fittings to the furniture needed to create living spaces, Wood Makers delivers fine craftsmanship at the right price point.

Commercial Design

Wherever there is wood involved in commercial products, Wood Makers can help. From crafted interiors to the mass production of robust desks for office workers, Wood Markers artisans and assembly lines offer it all. Our aim is to give consultants, contractors and businesses across the region access to a reliable, skilled and creative woodworking partner to facilitate their needs.

Educational Design

Wood Makers have created inviting and inspiring spaces for Educational Institutions in the region. with innovative designs and state-of-the-art execution, our team will bring your intitution to life.

Hospitality Design

Our design and work with wood transforms your hotel and hospitality space into a dream like scape. From hotel rooms to lobbies and other spaces, Wood Makers solutions have added that extra touch of sophistication and warmth to various prestigious hotels in the region. Finely crafted wooden interiors and furniture perfectly customized to your hotel’s concept is just one of our specialties at Wood Makers.

Healthcare Design

We manufacture wood products to exacting specifications for the healthcare industry. Our doors, windows, frames and furniture are designed to be sterile, safe, robust, fire resistant, and delivered to the highest HSE standards. Because when it comes to health, there can be no compromise at all.


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