Wood Makers Interior Design

Woodworking is an age-old art; but our approach is new. It’s a mix of tradition and contemporary technology - a model inspired by our founders’ story.

Wood Makers Interior Design LLC’s begins with the story of its founders that wood works will be made and use in a better way.

The company was started as a wood manufacturer, and then bought a bankrupt furniture factory in Abu Dhabi in 2017. We adopted the traditional way of making a wooden furniture and joinery fit out and establish the name of Wood Makers Interior Design LLC which is derived from the Manufacturing itself. The intimacy of the wood works and quality was pursued and check by the owners itself and shares to the devoted carpenters and skills of woodcraft.

Wood Makers moved it does headquarter in Mussafah Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi. Wood Makers includes corporate headquarter office and an interior design. The firm was headed by current President and Vice President under the Management of Sawab Consultancy LLC. The company went public through Social Medias for the sales of common stock.

Khaled Al Shamsi - President and Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi - Vice President are Emirati's who deeply like the natural wood and contribute their brilliant ideas to the company. Their heritage includes the drooping Ghaf trees that for centuries have been providing shade and shelter in the desert. This is one of the hardiest wood species in the world’s, the indigenous Ghaf thrives was used for so many centuries and decades as a source of wood which they adore the stability and its existence.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our Vision through total service satisfaction to our customer in terms of service delivery, quality of work, and product.

To provide a high standard of services and quality of work in line with International Standards and Local Authority requirements.

Completing work in the specified time limit by a highly qualified construction team.

We strictly adhere to the ethical standards set by the industry.

Our Vision

To become a leading Interior Design and Fit-Out Company in United Arab Emirates, that provide excellent services and highest quality of product to our customer in line with International Standards and Local Authority requirements.

To be the most valued business partner and trusted company for all customers.

Using the latest technology to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solutions.


We create beauty and high-end products, but at scale. We want our woodwork to be an essential part of the design of beautiful buildings and environments across industry sectors, and that requires investing in technology as well as the people.

Our woodworking factory uses four customizable production lines. We have built our plant with love and to the highest global standards. Our investment in innovation turns the traditional woodwork into future-ready skill. Our State of the art factory helps us to create custom products to exacting standards, and to rump up the production quickly when needed.

Our Core Values


We listen, understand, determine and deliver the services according to our customer requirements


We continually strive to deliver highest international standards of our products


We uphold the values and principles in every action and decision


We always strive to exceed customer needs and expectations


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